How It All Started

Carma Critta was created to address the need for a shampoo that was suited for dogs with sensitive skin issues.

Rex, our Cattle Dog Cross, suffered from itchy skin that became sore and inflamed from fleas and grasses. After trying numerous shampoos, spot on treatments, visits to the vet and changing his diet, the results were only short term and the irritated skin would return.

I decided to look into natural topical alternatives that would not compromise Rex’s health. This led me to gain accreditation in Pet Aromatherapy and as part of my study I created a natural dog shampoo using pure essential oils and a natural shampoo base that not only would soothe and heal sensitive skin but was still effective in dealing with fleas with out the use of chemicals.

All Natural Shampoo for Dogs was born.

We have used the same natural approach with our All Natural Shampoo for Horses and Herbal Shampoo for Horses using chemical-free ingredients that include organic plant-based essential oils. Our shampoos are suitable to use on horses sensitive to chemicals and soothing to irritated skin from insects and grasses but still producing a glossy shine to the coat and silky touch.

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