Naturally Good. Really?

So I’m a big reader of labels. Maybe spending time working in the natural health industry kinda gets you more aware of what to look out for. I always check product labels for any numbers that may appear. E450, E451, E452 (di sodium di phosphate – in other words salts of sodium/potassium/calcium with phosphates) – synthetic additives but not necessarily natural. So when I was on the hunt for some healthy treats for my dog I came upon two brands, one of which claimed to be naturally good. I was amazed to read the above numbers were listed not once but 4 TIMES in the ingredients. How can this be ‘naturally good’?

This product was on display in (what I thought was) the healthy treats section of a retail pet store along with all types of dried pig ‘bits’ like ears, trotters, etc. and some good healthy treats. So I decided to do the ‘Lila the chihuahua’ taste test. I bought the ‘naturally good’ treats and another brand of natural treats (that donates 50% of profits to help rescue dogs) to take home and see what Lila (who knows a good treat when she sees one) thought of them. The result…. let’s just say the so-called ‘naturally good’ treat was not going anywhere near those chihuahua lips and they were well and truly snubbed in favour of supporting the rescue dogs. When in doubt try the chihuahua test :).

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