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Zen Shampoo for Dogs 250ml


Consisting of 100% Organic Tea Tree, Lavender and Calendula essential oils and Castille Shampoo containing 100 % Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Sunflower Oil and Virgin Castor Oil, Zen Shampoo for Dogs is 'SLS and SL Free' and ideal for sensitive skins and may assist with repelling fleas and ticks and soothe skin conditions including flea allergies and itchy skin leaving the coat feeling clean and looking glossy.  Also available in 500ml for $25.00 Get 250ml more and save $5.00.  Great Value!


"Trialled a new organic shampoo from Carma Critta today on my dogs! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! They also have a roll on flea treatment which seems to be doing great for killing the fleas!" Reeda Close - Nose to Tail Pet Care

"Thanks a bunch, our shampoo n gel arrived safely, we bathed him right away and put gel on his groin area where he normally gets irritation, and he had no reaction at all Yippee! Thankyou so much, its very easy to use, and smells wonderful". C Berg - TAS


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