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Fireworks and Dogs - How to Ease the Anxiety for You and Your Pet

Posted by Andrea Flanagan on April 1, 2016 at 9:25 PM

I love the holiday season for celebrating with family and friends. But with all the partying and good times we forget the effect loud noises, especially fireworks, can have on our family pets. That's where aromatherapy can work wonders in calming your dog by helping to ease the anxiety and make the night a more positive experience. Start the night by ensuring your dog is in a secure environment, preferably inside where there is no chance of escaping. The best place in the house would be your laundry especially if this is the place they would normally sleep, so make their pet bed comfortable and spray a spritzer, made up of essential oils and water, over the bedding. . Talking to your dog before leaving by reassuring him that all is well and that you will be returning can also help to ease his fears. Do not fuss too much or promote a sense of worry as your dog will pick up on this and start to feel anxious. Prior to leaving give your dog a gentle massage with lavender essential oil by applying it to the tips of ears, chest and tummy but avoid the eyes and mouth. This will help your dog to relax and ease any separation anxiety he may be starting to feel. Make sure there is fresh water available and if he has already eaten the main meal leave a favourite treat that will take his attention away from you leaving and keep him amused for a period of time. Also leaving a radio on in the house or near the laundry will help to mask the noise from fireworks or neighboring parties and leave the light on so he feels safe and comfortable in his environment. By applying the above techniques and providing a safe environment for your family dog you can enjoy bringing in the New Year confident all is well back at home and your dog is a "Carma Critta".

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