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Post Operative Care with Aromatherapy for Dogs

Posted by Andrea Flanagan on April 19, 2016 at 2:20 AM

When your beloved 4 legged companion needs surgery it is always a stressful time not just for us humans but for our pet too. Yes dogs do tend to bounce back a lot quicker then we do but they can come home still groggy from the anaesthetic and feeling sore and tender especially if stitches are required.

To make things even more uncomfortable they may return wearing the ‘cone head’ (Elizabethan collar) and watch the back of your legs as it can be a lethal weapon that your dog seems to find great pleasure in running into you constantly with .

During the first night try some essential oils of roman chamomile and lavender as these oils will help your dog settle down and get some peaceful sleep. Just apply 2 drops of each oil to a cotton pad and let your dog sniff. The usual reaction is to start licking the air with their tongue (see pic)  and if able they may even roll onto their back. This is a positive reaction and your dog is accepting the oils and will get relief  from them. If they show no interest then do not pursue as they do not require assistance. Try using these essential oils with your dog for the few nights and once they start to show no interest stop using.

Dogs are known for their sensitive noses and when in the wild will sniff out native herbs and foliage to assist with any ailments they may be suffering from. They know what they want so never force essential oils on your dog as it will create more stress which is what we are trying to avoid in the first place.

If your dog is suffering nausea from the anaesthetic try some drops of ginger essential oil on a cotton pad and see if they are receptive. ALWAYS contact your vet if the nausea continues for an unreasonable amount of time or they start vomiting blood as there may be an underlying cause that needs urgent medical attention.

Just some extra loving kindness with essential oils will help bring some much needed peace for your furry friend and for you



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