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The Holistic & Healthy Approach to Flea Control for Your Dog.

Posted by Andrea Flanagan on March 29, 2016 at 8:15 PM

 It’s that time of year again when the sound of scratching and moaning begins and for some dogs it becomes a red raw and sore situation with flea allergies.  Although chemical treatments that you administer direct to the dogs skin are a quick-fix, the damage they do has adverse affects on your dog’s health and if you knew the chemicals that are in these products you wouldn’t go near them. Natural flea control is effective as long as you are persistent and use a holistic approach. 

A holistic approach to flea control includes not only attending to your dog’s coat but what you feed him and the bedding that he sleeps on.  Raw meat is always best and combined with an Omega 3 & 6 supplement as well as a blend of garlic and brewers yeast and those fleas will run for the hills – or someone else’s dog! It will also improve your dog’s breath and overall well-being. Weekly washing with a chemical free, natural dog shampoo will not dry out your dog’s skin and will leave a soft and shiny coat that’s a pleasure to cuddle.  Along with the weekly dog wash also clean the environment they live in.  Wash the blankets with a chemical free powder (preferably), dry in the sun and then give it a spray with some tea tree oil and lavender (you can also add this to the wash to kill the eggs) and your dog will not only be ‘flea free’ but sleep like a baby.  Vacuum the carpets around the house and all the areas the dog frequents including the car (this too can have a tea tree and lavender spritz) and make sure you empty the vacuum at the end in the bin so no eggs left to hatch. 

If you clean your house on a weekly basis why not include the dog as part of that routine during flea season?  You will have a happy and healthy loving companion who will be sure to show his or her appreciation with lots of tail wagging!

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