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About Us

about us

Carma Critta was created by Andi Flanagan to address the ever growing need for natural, safe alternatives for pet care due to the affects the chemical-based products and food were having on pets that she knew.  She developed a range of natural aromatherapy-based products that could be administered topically or internally and that may assist with physical and/or emotional conditions.  

Having owned pets from a very young age as well as undertaking study in Aromatherapy for Pets  Andi has a vast range of experience with a variety of animals and is a passionate supporter of animal welfare and natural alternatives.   She is continually

sourcing new organic and natural products for

pets so she can provide the

best range to her customers.

Why I choose Organic

All our products are made with 100% Certified Organic ingredients.  Why?  

Because the benefits are:-

  • a better quality product
  • no synthetic chemicals
  • you are protecting our natural resources and promoting biodiversity
  • organic farms are inspected annually to ensure organic guidelines and standards are maintained
  • you are investing in the health of the environment and the future of our planet

  • "By the way, I am a big fan of the shampoo I bought several weeks ago! After washing the kids(the dogs), it soothes their skin and leaves their coat beautifully soft & shiny for..."
    Rebecca Houghton QLD

  • "Thanks a bunch, our shampoo n gel arrived safely, we bathed him right away and put gel on his groin area where he normally gets irritation, and he had no reaction at all Yippee..."
    C Berg TAS

  • "Trialled a new organic shampoo from Carma Critta today on my dogs! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! They also have a roll on flea treatment which seems to be doing great for killing the fleas!..."
    Reeda Close Nose 2 Tail Pet Care